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Interfaith Communities Dialogue Workshop


ICD works in multiple ways to dispel fear and embrace the “other” through knowledge and understanding of the commonalities and differences among faiths.


For example:

  • Visits to houses of worship

  • Book and film discussions

  • Dialogues


Selected past programs: 

  • Creation Stories and Their Present-Day Implications (October 24, 2021)
    Panelists shared perspectives on creation from 6 different faiths.

  • Exploring the Concept of Time Across Faiths: A Panel Discussion (presented in partnership with 2 for Seder; June 28, 2020)
    Representatives from different faiths discussed commonalities and differences in approaches to seemingly basic concepts of time.

  • Helping Communities Heal After a Hateful Event (November 11, 2018; in person) 
    Panelists from 4 different faiths discussed what it feels like for a faith community to be a victim of a hateful event and ways to recover. Participants explored further in small group discussions.

Cross Faiths
Helping Communities Heal

Past Events

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