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Interfaith Communities for Dialogue (ICD) is a network of faith-based and associated organizations dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and positive relationships among diverse people in and around Fairfax County through education, engagement, and support.



The vision of ICD is that the diverse people of our community value, include and support one another. ICD is a model for fostering harmony among all people.



ICD’s core values are inclusiveness, integrity, equity, mutual respect and trust.


ICD was founded in 2004 by a group of visionary individuals representing the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim communities who were inspired by their participation in community dialogues under the umbrella of the Fairfax County Office of Interfaith Liaison. These conversations were a direct response to the identity-based tensions that emerged following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and were funded by the federal Community Resilience Program. 


The focus in the early years was on learning, mainly through dialogues and book or film discussions, about the basic tenets of different faiths and how each dealt with essential human issues such as death and dying, definitions of neighbor, community, the stranger, etc.  The group also held an annual community picnic and began conducting service projects.


In early 2013, following focus group interviews and a strategic planning exercise, the ICD leadership developed a more formal structure for the organization, including a mission statement, goals, objectives, and bylaws. This also led to a decision to seek the inclusion of other faiths; Hindu, Sikh and Bahai communities were soon added. These governing documents were again reviewed and updated in 2020-21.


In 2021, ICD became an incorporated entity and is a 501(c) 3 designated non-profit. We continue to welcome additional faith-based organizations to join our membership as we aspire to reflect Fairfax Virginia’s rich diversity.

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